Event Center Amenities

The Dille Center aims to provide a wholesome and memorable experience for our customers and their guests. To keep costs low, we have a modest offering of amenities included with the facility, as well as a few optional extras available for your convenience. Below are the amenities initially included when you use the event center.

Welcome Table

A simple round table located in the entryway.

A great place for a guest book, to put a display of the guest of honor, or to have guests drop gifts. You could also use it to display welcoming materials for your business meeting.


We have 100 available. The first 60 come free with the rental. Each additional stack of 20 is $20.

The Event Center's Tables

From round to rectangle,  our event center got you the tables you need for your occasion. The round tables seat 7 to 8 people, while the rectangle tables can serve other purposes such as the table to serve your catered food.

The quantity and sizes of the tables that come free with your rental are as follows:

 Item & QtySize
 1 Welcome Table~4' Diameter
 3 Rectangle Tables6' x 30"
 10 Round Tables5' Diameter

Available Bathrooms

Men's Bathroom in the Dille Event Center
Tissue Holder Box in the Comfort Rooms of the Dille Event Center
Women's Bathroom in the Dille Event Center
Simple Sink in the Girl's Comfort Room

The Dille Center has a respective bathroom for both men and women. 

The Kitchen

Kitchen with Microwave, Fridge, and Sinks in the Dille Center
Kitchen Fridge Amenity in the Dille Event Center for your Occasion
Large Trash Bin in the Kitchen of the Dille Center

The kitchen is small, but it is good for cleanup. It does feature:

1. Fridge

You can use the event center's commercial fridge to cool your drinks and food items.

2. Microwave

It is small but works.

3. Sinks

We have 3 sinks that you can utilize for a faster clean up.

AC & Heat

The event center's space is well-insulated and has good heating and AC. Adjust the temperature on the thermostat found in the corner near the fire extinguisher. In summer months, make sure to get the AC adjusted as soon as you pick up the key and begin decorating so it has time to catch up.

Note: Don't turn the heat up too high in the winter, as guests arrive, their body heat will have a big effect on the temperature.

Parking Spaces

Your guests can park in the street parking in front of the Dille Center. 

For your caterer or whoever is helping to set up, you can park two cars in the back of the facility. You can access this space through the alley. The two cars must be in the correct location, as indicated on a sign on the back door. This allows our neighboring businesses to still have access to their spaces.

Note: The facility's parking spaces must be utilized to avoid blocking the parking spaces of the cars next building.

The Event Center's Cleanliness

To make it easier for you to clean up after your event, the event center provides a free commercial vacuum cleaner that you can use. With this, you can be able to clean up faster and return the center to the way it was before you used the facility.

Note: Be careful not to run over the vacuum cleaner's extension cord.  And for more information regarding the cleanliness of our event center, please visit our FAQ page.

Below Amenities Are an Additional Cost

Aside from the free ones included when you sign a contract to use the facility, the Dille Center provides rental or additional cost for the amenities described below.

Cocktail Tables

The Dille Center provides cocktail tables for rent. Ours come in different widths and heights; 24"OR 30" wide AND you can also pick the height of the cocktail tables, either 30" or 42" tall.

Sound System

Rentable Sound System in the Dille Center for any Occasion - Birthday Party & Wedding Reception
Cord that Connects the Sound System to your Device
Extension Cord found beside the Dille Center's Sound System

When you're looking for a sound system for your event, the event center does provide one at an additional cost. Include this on your contract, and you will be able to play any music from whatever device you have through the speakers in the ceiling.

Note: If you want to use the 3.5 mm audio jack, you will need to make sure it fits into your phone or computer, or bring the proper adaptor for your device. 

Late Night Premium

The event center allows you time to celebrate up until 10:30 PM. Staying past the specified time will cost you an additional fee for each half hour block.

Note: The clean up time is not separate and must also be done before 10:30 PM to avoid additional costs.

 Extended Time to:Additional Half
Hour blocks
Added Cost
 11:00 PM1$30
 11:30 PM2$60
 12:00 AM3$90
 12:30 AM4$120
 1:00 AM5$150

Ready to Reserve?

At an affordable price, the Dille Center can provide you and your guests with a great place to celebrate special occasions. Contact Paul at 208-546-9012 and check if your scheduled date is available.